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I don't get to do these album reviews too often on here but I did find this one that I've been sitting on for a few months. I found it lost in a sea of files on my computer. I was recently listening to this album again and I wondered if I ever made the review public and found out that I never even uploaded it. So it's a little late but still one hell of an album that I definitely would recommend that everybody check out.

About a year ago Montreal based Emo / Powerviolence band YEARNING dropped their debut album "MMXXII". This album is on constant repeat as its my favorite style of music and they have mastered that style. While short on run time it is packed with Emotion, Aggression and Nostalgia for those early 2000s "Screamo" bands like Saetia, Orchid, Pg99, etc. 7 songs, 9 minutes in length you can easily knock this out on the way to the store but you're definitely gonna wanna replay some tracks on it.

All songs on this album are labeled by roman numerals so opening up this badass album was the track "I" with immediately gave me vibes of AFI's "The leaving song part II" though it didn't stay in that realm. Once the beat kicked in full force, you are met with fast paced chaos that flows through the rest of the album. This transitions into one of my favorite songs on the album, you guessed it "II". The second track has a perfect blend of the two styles the opening track gave us. Similar guitar riffs and rhythm but accompanied by faster drums and bass. It makes me a little sad that the song I liked the most has to be the shortest on the album but I must have listened to it like 20 times by now so I guess that makes up for it.

The next few tracks do a great job a continuing the pattern of soft open, chaos, blend, repeat which I very much appreciate so it doesn't all sound like one long song. With "III" being chaotic, "IV" starting softer and "V" being a blend again. The record fully peaks with the sixth track "VI". The song has a unique intro that goes right back into that chaos repeating the formula they have mastered but it's a little more controlled chaos as opposed to the previous songs emotional craziness and speed. It serves as sort of a mirror effect to the beginning on the album going from the chaos and transitioning to the final track "VII" which has a similar riff to the first two songs. All in all, this was laid out perfectly And though there were segments that acted as sort of a palate cleanser, The way this was all laid out makes this album sort of the greatest Emo/Screamo/ Punk song in over a decade despite it being 7 tracks.

I give this album 4⅓ out of 5.

I would absolutely have loved a few more songs on this album. But I appreciate it being short and sweet because it makes me want more and it has gotten me to relisten to this album countless times


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