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What May Just Be The Best Independent Show Of 2021

So as many of you may or may not know The independent wrestling scene is completely booming right now with some of the best talent and matches that we've seen and close to a decade. 2021 has already been ridiculous as far as shows go but a company out in Iowa may have booked the most stacked card is a stacked card this year outside of pro wrestling guerilla.

On October 30th in Clive, Iowa The Wrestling Revolver makes their return to the wrestling circuit and I know I personally have been very excited for like 3 months for this event as matches get announced and looks like all changes have been made and all matches have been booked. There's the stars of the past, the guys who are ripping it up currently and some stats of tomorrow. So let's break down this show and get excited all together, okay?

In no order:








And lastly the main event or atleast what I think will be the main event.

Which was accepted by known other than





We are so damn excited for this event. Let us know your predictions of these bangers.

#theindymovement #jonmoxley #jimmyjacobs

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