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Suggested Albums For August 2022

In an attempt to share more music and  broaden some musical tastes we have decided to try something new. So going forward we are going to try and feature a few albums every month that we that we feel are incredible but very much slept on.

In these articles we will feature 3 albums. Each album will be accompanied by their art, the vibe and the song we feel is our favorite of the whole thing. So August will be the first installment of this series and these 3 albums will be the 1st group of albums we suggest to you. So without further ado this is "Suggested Albums For August"

Album # 1

" The Phoenix Throne " by Dead To Fall

Why you should check it out:

This album is just 10 tracks of groovy mid 2000s Metalcore. Guitar solo's, breakdowns and incredible drumming. Vocals that are harsh and heavy but you can still make out the words. In my opinion this is says a metal album that will appeal to many different styles of rock fans.

Favorite track: "Womb Portals"


Album # 2

" Boom. Done" by Anthony Green

Why you should check it out:

This album is definitely the most thought out and complete sounding album that Anthony green has dropped as a solo artist. The songs all seem have a theme of personal demons and the worry of ruining your life with substances. There’s guitars, there's drums but for the 1st time there's also a horn section.  The album is still very much Anthony Green's regular style but also shows shades of Fleet Foxes and a little bit of Jeff Rosenstock in the mix as well. Deff my favorite album he has dropped

Favorite track:"Center Of It All"


Album # 3

" Three Sides Dead" by Funeral Diner

Why you should check it out:

This album is a perfect balance of chaos and melody. Going back-and-forth between raw energy & audible violence and beautiful post rock inspired instrumentals through a lengthy 17 track album. The drums really shine in this album.

Favorite track: "Easy Chair Method"


Thank you for checking out this article and hopefully checking out the albums listed. You can find us on all social media platforms

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