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Undertaker is charging what now?!

What is dubbed North America's largest SciFi, Anime and Comic convention "MegaCon" is on its way again to Orlando, FL from May 19th to May 22nd with special guests Brendon Fraser, Elijah Wood, James Marsters, Kevin Smith, Kevin Conroy and a handful of other universally loved talents ( link here ) but one there's is one name that everyone will surely know and its Mark Calloway aka "The Undertaker"

Undertaker believes he is such a big deal for this event that he came up with a list of rules / restrictions with prices that only a doctor could afford. Take a look at Brad Acevedos tweet right here:

He goes on to show the prices and rules and what the hell.

Personally I have never seen a meet and greet with autograph for over 100 dollars but here we are being picky and choosy and charging resell price. Don't you have to be a good wrestler for that? What do I know?




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