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Turf War "Turf War" Tape Review

If you are looking for newer hardcore bands that go hard as hell then you would be looking for TURF WAR, this 4-Piece hood as fuck Hardcore band out of North Carolina just put out their first release and its 5 songs of fury.

Check it out, The Intro starts and you immediately know what kind of stuff you're in store for reminds of bands like Easy Money and Player Hater. The intro pretty much tells you what they are about straight up and then transitions into the 2nd track on the release titled "CREAM". Initially i thought this was gonna be a Wu Tang cover but looking at the track listing the track runs only 1 minute 21 seconds so that is not the case. 2nd track starts and right off the bat you can picture the kind of movement this track would cause at a show. Bursting Guitar and Drum parts at the beginning turn into a groove that will make you a throw a table at some motherfuckers. Vocals strong traditional shouting hardcore vocals i feel anything other than that would throw this sound all out of whack. first 2 tracks hard as fuck.

3rd track is titled "Demolition" and the 2step is strong with this one until about the 40 second mark where the song slows down you know shits about to go down, well it actually goes back into a nice 2 step groove. Sounds good just got my hopes up a little bit but the track totally pulls it off the second time around towards the end with a slight rap-esque part followed but a breakdown of sort ending the track on a strong note. loved it.

The last two tracks seems like one long track but it was a bad ass one. Track 4 and 5 ("Help Me" & "Dog Eat Dog") Start off with a hard riff going right into another groovy 2step like rhythm the words that are featured are relateable to many of us saying "In a city with no mercy, there ain't no going home. When youre surrounded by so many, yet youre still all alone" the track goes on to tell us about struggles of his hometown and it seems the lyrical content in this song is the strongest in my opinion, rather poetic. The final track is only seperated by only a few hits of the hi-hat and goes right back into a similar groove than the last one just a bit angrier. Once again strong lyrical content about how the place they live is falling apart and full of injustice but theyre just trying to get by. A minute in the tempo picks up only to slow down 30 seconds later to lead into a heavy as balls that could start a riot at a live show.

Overall i give this release a 3.8(almost a 4) out of 5. This band could be a major player in the scene in the coming year or so. Turf War in my opinion is the souths answer to East Beast. Im now a fan. Good job guys.

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