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Travis Barker talks about veganism on Joe Rogan Podcast

Blink 182 drummer and vegan Travis Barker has appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast - where the pair discussed his vegan journey, health, and his plant-based restaurant Crossroads.

Barker, who opened the eatery after he was approached by its now Head Chef Tal Ronnen - who used to be a private chef for Oprah and Ellen - spoke about how the vast majority of his diners aren't vegan. "I think probably 80-90 percent of the people who eat there aren't vegan, because it's that good," he said

According to Rogan, his friend John Joseph - a vegan musician, author, and Ironman athlete - has asked him many times to eat there. "Next time I'll make it," Rogan promised

was vegetarian since I was 13," Barker revealed. "And then after my [airplane] accident [in 2009]I was in hospital. It's a long story I will just sum up, I had to eat meat in the hospital because they didn't have any vegan options of protein.

"So I'd eat bags of beef jerky - whatever they could give me, whatever I could stomach and not think about what I was eating. Because I wasn't eating at all, I was ditching my food, giving it to my friends because I didn't want to eat meat but then I got caught.

"So long story short I ate a bit of meat in the hospital and when I got out I just felt like the next evolution of my eating would to try and be vegan. And it was so easy in LA because we have so many great vegan restaurants."

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