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Top 5 Wrestlers To Look Out For In 2019

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

As the year is coming to an end we'll look back only massive amount of wrestling the happened 2018 and name a few talents we think will be stars very soon.

5. Syd Parker: Syd is the kind of guy that you hear of but you don't check out cuz you're unfamiliar and then later on end up kicking yourself because he's so good. That's what out was like for me 3 years ago I had no clue won Parker was until I bought a Melbourne City Wrestling event on a whim and watched the whole thing. Syd deff stole the show. From his look, to his harsh strikes, unique offense and even more recently his short lived team with Caveman Ugg "prehistoric death cult" brought him many more eyes. I feel this coming year may be his worldwide breakout.

4. Atticus Cogar: Now we aren't just saying Cogar because of the whole sponsored athlete thing we are saying Cogar because as far as the Independent wrestling game goes very few can hold a candle to his promo game and the artistry of his character. Dark. mysterious, volatile and now that the Cogar Brothers have spilt the focus will shifted to Atticus. The world isn't ready fit The Leader.

3. Marko Stunt: Standing at only 5 foot 2 inches is ready to see why Marko is such an underdog editorially when think of how Rey Mysterio is like 5 inches taller than him. But what's not so easy to get is how "Mr Funsize" Marko Stunt blew up seemingly overnight. Started wrestling in Mississippi at 18, now 22 he had stuck in that southern wrestling bubble where not too many eyes saw you and not many folks heard of you but as soon as he made the leap to Prince Of The Deathmatch

2. MJF: With just a little over 3 years in the wrestling business Maxwell Jacob Friedman has shown the world he's got IT. A solid off answer of repertoire, a great look, mic skills, The will to never break character. MJF is probably the closest to a old school mentality that you can get nowadays. Already holding titles all over North America, Featured on Podcasts and even got a spot on ALL IN. If his momentum keeps going 2019 will be his biggest year.

1. Brody King:

Straight from Santino Bros wrestling in California, Brody king is a force to be reckoned with. Member of many teams such as KINGS w/ MJF, Violence Unlimited w/ Tyler Bateman and Villain Enterprises w/ Marty Schell. Brody has traveled around the world Currently holds 2 singles championships in America and a tag team title in Australia. Recently Brody king signed a contract with ring of honor wrestling and this is guaranteed to boost him up to stardom level in 2019.

Honorable mentions to: Eli Everfly, Maxxwell Stardom, Vixsin, Erika Reid and Shotzi Blackheart

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