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Top 10 Women's Matches In Independent Wrestling

Us here at Just Plain Filthy as well as The Indy Movement are huge fans of women's wrestling and independent wrestling alike. For the last 10 years women's wrestling has been at it's best everywhere you look but it all began at the independent level. We have created a list of what we think are the Top 10 Women's Matches In Independent Wrestling and we’re hoping to share with you some wrestling matches you may not have seen before. Let's begin. 

10. JORDYNNE GRACE vs TESSA BLANCHARD (Women's Wrestling Revolution)

Before either of held championships or even debuted in Impact, one of their many encounters occurred in WWR - a sister company to Beyond Wrestling. I would argue this is their best match.  Well paced, explosive at times, good selling and nothing too unbelievable. Deff one to check out ( )

9. JAZZ vs RHIA OREILLY (Pro Wrestling Eve)

The phenom known as Jazz debuts a new fearsome look at EVE when she goes one on one with the champion Rhia O'Reilly in a match that went all around the arena and gave the fans their money’s worth. Check it out.( )


Although this match ran under 10 minutes of in ring time, both ladies made this match feel very important. Not hard to do when you are Lufisto challenging Del Rey for a title they are 2 legends in the sport. Despite this match being almost all strikes it was a very solid match, and the wrestling that was shown was done very well. I would love to see a rematch nowadays since Lufisto is still doing great and Sara just left the WWE. Check this out! (


In 2010 WSU booked the match between current NXT wrestler Mercedes Martinez and former TNA/Shine star Rain. Though this match was lengthy at about half an hour (which people never give to women's wrestlers), it gave the talents enough time to tell the story and check all the boxes. Selling ✔ Crowd Reaction✔Hardcore Spots✔and actual good wrestling ✔. In all honesty, it's a tie between this one and the next but one has to go lower than the other in order to rank them. Check it out ( )


At nearly half the match length time as No. 7 on this list, this match takes place entirely in the ring. Kimber Lee and Deonna make up for lack of hardcore spots and foul play with some top notch WRESTLING.  The crowd was greatly invested, with the match feeling important and nobody looking week: a very solid match.  Now that both ladies are officially signed to IMPACT, could we see this again on a bigger stage? Check it out ( )


This match was both fun and hard hitting.  The to competitors play their roles very, very well, with Su Yung being the monster heel bringing the shock factor and intimidation, while Yuka Sakazaki plays the adorable babyface that has to fight and overcome the odds. The match was full of great spots, innovative, and it's the right amount of outside breaking in comparison to the in ring wrestling. If you have seen this match and it's not on your top 10 I don't know what to tell you.  If you haven't seen it yet check it out here ( )


This was KANA’s (aka Asuka) last match in the Japanese independents before signing with the WWE.  Here she teams with friendly rival Syuri Kondo to face her student Konami, and the very impressive Makoto. This match was a brutal and technical tag team match and was a beautiful way to send off KANA. The strikes were stiff, the submissions were tight, and the crowd seemed to enjoy every bit of it.  This match should be in everyone's top 5. Check it out ( )


In professional wrestling nowadays, it’s very rare that promotions allow their female talent to attempt some death defying feats.  Not only was this a good wrestling match for the wrestling they had in the ring, but the hardcore spots, the street fight spots and the overall fan reaction were second to none. This is one of the matches that helped propel Athena to her highest points on the Indies and might have helped her score her WWE deal. Sadly, Hania no longer wrestles but what an impact she made while she was in the ring. Check it out ( )


You already know if Cheerleader Melissa is in a match it’s gonna be great.  Well this time she collides with AWS Women’s Champion Hudson Envy as Hudson defends her belt for the first time outside of California (they were in Japan). Both competitors brought their A-Game in the ring. Big fight feel paired with a solid display of technical skill really showed how badly each woman wanted the win. And literally the ONLY reason it doesn't get the number 1 spot on this list is because it ends in a draw. I don't believe we ever got a rematch for this either. But you can check the whole match out here. ( )

1. KELLYANNE vs EVIE (Last Woman Standing MCW)

Powerhouse of the Australian scene Kellyanne and Evie (aka Dakota Kai) went to war in a match that culminated one of most intense feuds the company had seen at the time. This match has it all: both competitors are immensely talented in the ring; Evie plays the perfect face in this match to Kellyanne’s unstoppable heel demeanor. There were some spots that made me cringe when first watching it but taking to consideration that this ended a feud between the two that lasted a little over a year, at that point it all makes sense. Unfortunately you cannot watch the match for free online, you will have to buy the Melbourne City Wrestling "Final battle 2015" DVD.  But the Internet does have the hype package for it so check it out. ( )




A big thank you to the admin's over at a The Indy Movement for helping us out.

Also a very special thank you to Larry Martin for proofreading and editing.

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