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The Superstar Shake-Up: Superstar Shake-Huh?

We are officially one week removed from the WWE's Superstar Shake-up 2018 and I feel... pretty 'meh' about it honestly. Not only did it basically make the SAME trades it did last year in terms of both Championships and Superstars it's left me feeling a little sour to be honest. Even the things they didn't copy and past from last year left me feeling puzzled and underwhelmed. Let's get into it.


The first thing that really had me nettled about this particular switch was that it seemed to come at a time when Balor Club were FINALLY getting to be a stable. Tagging here and there in six-man tags and having matching BC themed attires. They even released new Balor Club merchandise for crying out loud.

I'm not saying that a move to the blue brand won't help Gallows or Anderson in the long run but it seems counter productive to split up a stable that has the potential to make you loads of cash in merchandise alone. That being said; give these boys the blue nickels.


I don't think that it's unfair to say that Mahal moving to RAW and immediately losing the United States Championship to Jeff Hardy is a bizarre move. However an even MORE bizarre move is then moving Jeff Hardy to Smackdown Live and announcing a rematch at The Greatest Royal Rumble. Not only is this the same thing they did with the US Belt last year with Kevin Owens and AJ Styles (minus the switching of brands) but it also makes it incredibly obvious that Hardy will retain and keep the belt Smackdown LIVE! exclusive.

Stranger things have happened though.


Now it is not uncommon that WWE tag teams will be split up in drafts, it happened every year during the original brand extension. It is also not uncommon for one member of a Tag Team to turn heel, that happens constantly as well. What is NOT common is for a tag team to be split up and then have one member turn heel VIA Twitter!

You're better than this Vince, get it together.


In closing I think that a lot of good did come out of the Superstar Shake-Up. New match ups, more opportunities for guys where there weren't any before but all-in-all a lot of the decisions made were head scratchers in this internet critic's humble opinion. Hopefully there are a few silver linings and maybe just maybe a spotlight for Chad Gable.

But that's just my opinion. Leave a comment in the usual place.

- Casey

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