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"The Mutilator (1984)" Review + Kill Rank

Sup Everybody? Its been a few weeks but We are back on our content grind. I'm gonna try to get a couple more articles posted in the coming weeks. With the podcast now a thing of the past we are trying to make sure the website is as active as ever. So let's go!

Today I watched Buddy Coopers 1984 horror classic "The Mutilator" and the story is pretty solid. A guy and all of his college friends have nowhere to go and no plans for their vacation break so they decide to go and Spend a few days at his family's beach house since his dad wants him to close it up for the season anyway. What he does not know is that his dad is actually going to be waiting there for him in the shadows to take revenge on the fact that when the guy was younger he killed his mom by accident trying to clean off his dad's gun case for his birthday. The dad in a psychotic drunken rage picks off each friend one by one in brutal fashion.

Personally I loved everything except for one small part of this movie. I loved how the friends interacted with each other joked and played games with one another.  I like how the beach house wasn't really anything extravagant. It wasn't like they were going to imagine or anything ( So it felt kind of relatible) And I really liked how they kept cutting back to the dad sneaking around in the shadows trying not to get caught when he moves from one murder to the next. The constant shots of the dad sneaking around really worked well with the sound and scores of the movie aiding in the intense vibe.

Now for the kill ranking.

7. 1st to go:

Wow it's not the 1st kill of the movie, Linda was in fact the first of the friends to die. She was floating on her back in the pool while her boyfriend was on the other end and she got pulled under water and drowned. The death was very underwhelming and definitely deserves the last spot on the list. I will give it extra points for tits though that always helps.

6. Bye Beach Cop:

After suspecting that there is more to the story than what the son told him, The beach patrolman decided to investigate further and ended up getting stabbed in the face with a machete. While this wasn't the best death It certainly had more to it and better visuals than the drowning did.

5. Mom's dead:

While trying to clean out the gun case for his dad a young boy accidentally fires off the gun shooting through the wall and killing his mother who was in. The kitchen. Though it was not a death by the killer It was still a death in the movie And this one in particular sets in motion all of these events. The special effects itself weren't the best but the story really helps this out and because it's such a pivotal part of the movie I gotta put it somewhere in the middle.

4. A 4 on the pitchfork rating:

Honestly this and number 6 could very easily be interchangeable. The only reason why it is ranked number 4 is because it reminds me of the movie the prowler. Attacking people with a pitchfork is very underrated.

3. Worst acting ever:

Though this is number 3 it happens to be the worst acting job for someone in an 80s horror movie but Linda's boyfriend is looking for her in the garage and little does he know The killer Dad is waiting behind a door. Boom. Boat motor straight to the chest. The actor just stands there with his hands down and gives a monotone "aaahhh" then takes 15 secs to fall down.  Fuck off.

2. Now I got 2 dad's:

Ed's dad is still trying to kill the remaining 2 friends.  His son and Pam the girlfriend of one of the victims. The cops come around the corner in their squad car as Pam panics and backs the car up into a wall. The cops tells her pull it guitars so they can deal with Ed's dad. Lo and behold his dad is cut in half still semi conscious and attacks an officer before dying.

1. Fish hook that Hoohaa:

One of the grossest kills in the movie but also haven't really seen much like it. Ed's girlfriend decided to walk around the beach house to investigate where theyit missing friends went and Ed's dad creeps up grabbing by the throat and mouth and plopping her in the work table in the garage. He grabs the giant fishing hook that they talk about when they got to the house and he hook up into her... uh.... hoo-ha and through her lower stomach keeping her there before cutting her head off. Was it over kill? Yeah.  Was it gross? Sorta yeah. Was it awesome though? Also yeah.




Don't let the detailing of kills discourage you from watching this movie its better in motion and with context. I give this movie a solid 3⅓ out of 5 stars.

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