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"The Burning (1981)" Review + Kill ranking

What's up everybody? It's been a while. Everybody at JPF has been very busy with their own stuff lately and while v I've been super busy as well There is one thing that I have continued to do and that is watch horror movies.. So I am back again with another Horror review and kill ranking too break up all this silence. Today we'll be review Tony Maylams 1981 movie The Burning.

Now a lot of people will say the burning is just a rip off of Friday the 13th. While they are similar Special effects artist Tom savini who worked on both films said that the burning was actually being written before Friday the 13th. But there are enough differences to separate the 2. One of the differences which I am most thankful for is the lack of supernatural abilities and no resurrection BS. In the movie The Burning, Cropsy (the caretaker for the campground) was never killed. He was only badly burned when a prank went wrong and instead of coming back from the dead he was released from the burn unit of the hospital but and took revenge on people a few years later. Another thing that I appreciate about the movie even though I love murder mysteries I enjoy the fact that there's no mistaking who is doing the killing, We all know it is the former caretaker Cropsy.

Now on the flip side of things what I don't particularly like is the way some things were shot. In Friday the 13th you can very clearly see every kill Whereas in this movie some of the kills are very muddied with dark lighting which I guess works out in their favor because the Special effects team can be a little more lenient with things knowing you're not going to see everything all bright and vibrant.

Just like my other favorite series that space around a summer camp (Sleepaway Camp) This movie does a great job at developing some of the characters and making you hate a few of them Which helps you very much enjoy some of the kills that happened. Overall I very much enjoyed this movie and my only critique as I wish the lighting was better and a good chunk of it but hey you can't win it all. Now let's get on to the kills which I'm pretty sure everyone is here for.

8. Cropsy gets Barbara in the stomach.

There's a few stomach stabbing was in this movie but this one is rather quick and not as grotesque as the others. It just sort-of happens with no frills.

7. Karen was the 1st

Karen tries to run away from her awkward encounter with Eddie and ends up getting her throat slashed while she was naked in the woods. As an overall kill it was not that impressive but the fact that it was the 1st kill to happen at the site makes it special.

6. Diane with the forehead Slash

A very awkward death. From what I remember the only actual impalement or laceration that was done to Diane on the left was a deep cut across the forehead with the Gardening sheers. While I don't think that's something that can kill you. It was an awesome visual and was done beautifully.

5. Woodstock got no fingers

This was a 2 for 1. While the multiple killings happened on the raft 2 moments happened to Woodstock himself and that is getting his throat slashed open and all of his fingers cut off one hand. It was well done and you don't really see any bad special effects from the hand prosthetic, Which normally is the case so this one ranked mid way.

4. Hooker in the apartment

The 1st scene you get after cropsy leaves the hospital is him being invited in by a prostitute. As soon as she tells crops he needs to hurry up so they can start fucking cropsy ambushes her throws her against the wall and gets. Her with house scissors and this ranks up here. Not only because it's the 1st kill of the movie but because there is an awesome. Blood splatter across the mirror that aids in this kill. Great moment.

3. Stabbed in the throat

One of the many kills that happened on the raft in the middle of the movie. But this one has to be the best kill from the raft because Eddie gets the gardening sheers straight into the throat And you see one of the garden shear blades just sticking into his throat in broad daylight and it just hits different.

2. Glazer finally dies

The most satisfying kill on this list in my opinion because not only does glazer get his throat stabbed He gets lifted off of his feet and carried all the way back first against a tree. Ouch. It's brutal but it makes you happy when it happens because this whole movie he was a giant dickhead.

1. The Final Kill

Cropsy looks like hes about to meet his match with Alfred the nerd but when he tries to kill Alfred he gets lit in fire once again and camp counselor Todd sends an are into his face killing cropsy. What a way to go. Damn.

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