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Suggested albums for September 2022

In an attempt to share more music and  broaden some musical tastes we have decided to try something new. So going forward we are going to try and feature a few albums every month that we that we feel are incredible but very much slept on. In these articles we will feature 3 albums. Each album will be accompanied by their art, the vibe and the song we feel is our favorite of the whole thing. So September will be the 2nd installment of this series and these 3 will be the 2nd group of albums we suggest to you. So without further ado this is " Suggested Albums For September"

Album # 1

"The Rain Just Follows Me" by Hawthorne Heights

Why you should check it out:

Most people think that "Nikki FM" or "Ohio is for lovers" are their best songs  But I would go on to say that this entire album is filled with songs that are just as good if not better. Starting off hot with a good indie pop punk feel song with a feature from the vocalist of Counterparts and followed by multiple catchy bangers. People who don't listen to them regularly probably don't know that the band is still going and not only that but they aging like wine. One of my fave albums in the last decade.

Favorite track: "Constant Dread" or "Spray Paint It Black"


Album # 2

"Every Hero Needs A Villain" by Czarface

Why you should check it out:

The beat choices are immaculate, the rhymes schemes are incredible, the features are insane (Methodman, GZA, RA The Rugged Man, MF Doom). The whole is filled with punchlines, Skits and bars about Wrestling, Sports and comics

Favorite track:



Album # 3

"Collide With The Sky" by Pierce The Veil

Why you should check it out:

Here is a direct quote from Devin "You want to cry, you want to throw hands, you want to hear Kellin Quinn on a *good* song? This is the album for you. Pierce The Veils third record is everything you love from their earlier work, but refined to melodic perfection"

Favorite track:

"The First Punch"


Thank you all for reading and thank you for checking out some of these albums. If you would like to suggest an album for us to put on for next month please reach us through the website or the website or through our email

You can find all of our socials and ways to reach us right here

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