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"Sleepaway Camp (1983)" Review + Kill ranking

Sleepaway Camp is a 1983 horror movie featuring Felissa Rose as a scared traumatized who attends a sleepaway camp at the same place she saw her father get killed in a boat accident at. For most of the movie it is unclear who the killer actually is but we know one thing every person that ends up killed if somebody who harassed Angela. This movie had everything: Zingy comebacks, Bullying, Creeps, Romance and Awesome practical effects.

The way this movie starts is just jam packed with over the top acting that is completely unnecessary but still very much eighties style. 2 children watch as their dad gets ran over by a boat as their all seeking at the lake and his gay lover watches from shoreside. Teenagers screaming, bodies are floating and life beats are covered in blood. The very next scene the acting gets boosted up even more where an auntie it's getting too children ready for camp, Ricky and Angela the 2 main characters. The aunt's acting is similar to that of sound garden "black hole sun" music video. Yknow over enunciating, sort of yell talking with a big goofy smile, ugh. Painful acting from that scene but it comes back towards the end with a big swerve and kind of explains that she really is crazy but also that some key lines in this scene were actually hints. I didn't catch those until my 3rd time. In my opinion sleep away camp is one of my favorite horror movies of all time. The main reason being is you have no pity for any of the people who get killed. The whole movie is just a scene of why this person should be killed followed right after with exactly how they were killed. The taste end point as soon as they arrive to the camp the cook who is apparently this giant pedophile that everybody is OK with days some wild shit while liking at a group of 10 - 15 year olds and less then 10 minutes later is screaming on the floor boiled alive. Classic! There are a Handful of retorts and clatbacks in this movie that are simply elite. Such lines like "eat shit and live Bill", " She's a carpenter's dream flat on both sides and needs a screw" and " If she were any quieter she'd be dead". Overall I think I would rate this movie as a B+

I think the deaths and the characters are solid AF, I think the murder mystery aspect of the whole thing is pretty cool, As you don't see anybody actively killing anyone and the dialogue is great BUT The ending seems sort of out of place, Doesn't really add anything to the entire series and lastly I think the ending of the movie kinda demonizes certain groups especially because it wasn't as accepting or as seen as much back then as it today. Also how the did Angela (Felissa Rose) only blink like 2 times this while movie, that's nuts! On to the kills!

Here we are going to rank the kills in this movie from worst to best. - Shower: Meg is stabbed in the shower. That's it. She is stabbed in the shower while she is getting ready for a date with creepy old man Mel. But the whole stabbed in the shower trope has already been done a whole bunch The only thing that makes this good is that Meg is a bitch and deserved it. Special effects for this war team in that good just red dye. - Kenny Drowns: The whole scene is a very good scene but the kill itself is kind of lackluster. Kenny was bullying Angela at the social and even bullies his date that he takes to the middle of the lake on a boat. Kenny flipped the boat and his date has had enough she swims back to shore but Kenny doesn't have such luck. Once again the effects showing the death are chef's kiss. They even have a snake going through the nose and mouth of the body when they find it the day after. That's pretty bad-ass. - Right in the throat: Owner of the camp old man Mel thinks he has all of this figured out. He blames all of these killings on Cousin Ricky and begins to throw hands with a child but Surprise! Hunting arrow right into the throat. Scumbag fits at the archery range. The lighting in this scene is weird so you don't see too many special effects but it does look kind of cool how the arrow just looks like it goes straight into the actor's neck. - Not the bees!: Besides The Swarm and movies of like the fifties and sixties I don't think I know of any movies at this time where people got killed by bees. Also the fact that the guy got locked in the bathroom with a swarm of bees it's crazy but deff plays into the whole camping thing. The practical effects at the end of this scene where the body is found with all the bees over it is very very cool and well done. Opening scene: While this scene is not something that is done by Angela, it's still a kill. And I think the creativity of getting ran over by a boat is pretty cool. I've always feared that I might run over something when in a boat so to see that as a kill Is both awesome and unsettling. But how many movies do you know where somebody gets ran over by a boat? maybe like 2? - Boiled Creep: Wow it is not said that he actually dies in this scene we do see him on the floor screaming in pain for like a solid minute and a 1/2. The pedophile creep Artie is making a stew with a big ol' pot of boiling broth. As he climbs up to tend to the pot of stew. The stool he was on is moved out from underneath them and all the scalding hot liquid pours over his skin. This special effects in this scene make it that much better. Cause while it makes me happy to see somebody get what they get, the pulsating sores and boils on his skin really seal the deal - Judy: This is the moment I've been waiting for the entire movie and even though they don't really show exactly what happened the fact that I got what I wanted to makes it perfect. The endless bullying. the poking, the prodding, the getting other counselors in on her bullshit. While all you know is that it involves a curling iron you don't exactly know how she is killed. Personally I think it would be hilarious to get A curling iron right up the poop shoot. So that's when we can tell myself happened. ReplyForward

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