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Sink With Me "This Isn't Home" Review

So a few days have passed and I finally got the chance to listen to the new release by by New Hampshire based post hardcore band Sink With Me, titled "This Isn't Home".

Now before I talk about the new song let me just say, I have known these guys for a handful of years. I've seen them in many different bands working the music scene in many different capacities, and I am just so proud of how far they've come as musicians. Sink With Me is easily their most fleshed out and complete sounding project to date, and I am a big fan!

Now to get into the video. The track starts out with a subtle tone before the instruments come in, and that alone helps set the overall vibe for the track. And having it paired with the cool toned clip of reflection to start all of this off with was a great touch. The instruments come in and immediately I'm happy because the sound is comparable to Circa Survive and Saosin which are two of my favorite groups! But when vocalist Evan Middleton opens his mouth for the harsh vocals saying "Did it ever cross your mind/The things you did kept me up at night", the tone changes from bands like Saosin, and establishes that this is motherfucking Sink With Me, and your heart is gonna break!

As the track moves forward the vocals get even more heart wrenching. And while the composition of the guitars, bass and drums are all incredible on their own, when all put together it sounds so clean. Then when the chorus comes in its good at first, but then you find yourself yelling along in the break room at your job for everyone to hear, just like somebody I know (totally not me).

Towards the end I was amazed to hear something almost reminiscent of a breakdown, with a climactic build to the vocals, accompanied by twinkling guitars behind it to create a vibe I can only describe as having an emotional breakdown, but surrounded by fireflies. Heavy...but OoOoO look at the pretty lights.

Shout out to the band for being so talented, but also to Rigourous Recordings for having an ear for all this! Throughout the video it shows clips of a man (hey I know that guy), on the phone, looking at photos albums and really just sulking HARD while the band jams out in a Will Byers family looking house. Perfect setting for a song like this.

If I were to rate it using the grading system I'd be giving this a solid "A". This track, this video, and this band are checking all the boxes and paying attention to every detail.

- TJ

Check them out on their website RIGHT HERE

and check out the music video RIGHT HERE

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