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Pianos Become The Teeth back in the studio

Well this year is starting off with some good news as Baltimore, Maryland based post hardcore band Pianos Become The Teeth are in the studio recording their follow-up to 2018 album " Wait for Love ". It seems with each album it gets lighter and more true to a rock sound but with each album the band gets tighter and tighter. We are very intrigued to what may come out of this new crop of songs for PBTT. The band appears to have spent the past week bunkered down at engineer and producer Kevin Bernsten's (Misery Index, Skeletonwitch) Developing Nations Recording Studio in Baltimore. Besides sharing a few videos and photos via Twitter, PBTT has yet to reveal specifically what they're up to but the speculation is real and it's about time for a few more songs to float around.

Pianos, I'll Be Damned, Queen, Say Nothing, Houses We Die In, Charisma, Blue Lightning, Cripples Can't Shiver

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