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New member of Los Ingobernables makes his NJPW Debut

If you watched NJPW's King Of Pro Wrestling then you got to witness one of professional wrestling’s most intriguing mysteries unveil when Tetsuya Naito introduced Shingo Takagi as Los Ingobernables de Japon’s new member. This is the first time that Takagi has appeared in a New Japan Pro Wrestling ring,

So many might not be familiar with the 35 year-old grappler. Shingo Takagi began his professional wrestling career in late 2004 after graduating from the Dragon Gate dojo. Coincidentally he was trained by Animal Hamaguchi, who also taught Tetsuya Naito how to wrestle, this gives the LIJ members some common lineage.

Shingo proved himself to be a natural in the ring, and within a matter of months wound up winning the 2005 Rookie of the Year Award from the Wrestling Observer. He spent the next 5 years or so wrestling fue Dragongate where he was a top guy, Ring of honor where he and Naruki Doi and feuded with The Briscoes and Age Of The Fall and even PWG where he had some classics. This man has gotten around and if his stardom and power in Dragongate is any indication them we could deff see a star in the making.

Heres a few Matches:

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