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New Champion in Stardom Crowned and Old Chamion Gets Head Shaved

Earlier this morning Stardom wrestling held an event in Japan at that showed Tam Nakano versus Giulia. Giulia requested that if Nakano was to face her for the title then she would have to put her hair on the line. Nakano she'd to this but Giulia, one of the most beautiful of Stardom was so confident that she had this win in the bag that she put her hair on the line as well. After a hard fought bout Tam Nakano walked out your Wonder of Stardom Champion.

Nakano won Stardom’s top championship in the main event of the company's tenth anniversary event, All Star Dream Cinderella, against someone who could be seen as the best they have to offer and it all took place at Budokan Hall. Nakano defeated Giulia following a brutal looking Steiner Screwdriver, ending Giulia’s reign of 220 days. Giulia originally won the title at Cinderella Summer in Tokyo back on July 26.

Per the stipulation, Giulia had to shave her head as a result of the loss. Nakano originally was givin the clippers to shave Giulia’s hair, but hesitated and instead handed it to another person who shaved off part of Giulia’s hair. The rest of her hair was later shaved backstage. What a moment.

The entire event should be available to watch on Stardom World within a day or two.


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