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New Additions To Power Of The Riff Fest

The Power Of The Riff festival will return for the first time after being absent from 2017 and will celebrate both the twentieth anniversary of Southern Lord Recordings and Sunn O))), so you know its gonna be great. So far we know that the festival will be held on November 17th and 18th with the November 17th being held at The Echo in Los Angeles and the November 18th event held at The Echoplex in Los Angeles. So California time to go H.A.M

The first announcement made regarding the festival confirmed Sunn O))) as the headliners and The Primals and The Sonics as support. Southern Lord has recently added Darkest Hour, Xibalba, and Xasthur to the lineup, Specifically to the November 18 date. Tickets run between $28 and $53 and you can grab those here. Who knows what bands could be potentially added in the next few weeks.

Check out the JPF sponsors:

Alphawolf :

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