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Megadeth To Launch Kegadeth, A Beer & Camping Festival

A few months back, Dave Mustaine teased interview that he was working on putting together a Megadeth-themed touring festival for 2019 that could serve as a replacement of sorts for Gigantour which hasn't seen the road in nearly 5 years. Now he opens up a little more about it in an interview with Full Metal Jackie, revealing plans for a traveling, Megadeth-themed music and beer festival dubbed Kegadeth. This in addition to the Megacruise, a Megadeth-themed and curated cruise ship that was teased last week, details still forthcoming. Here’s what we know about Kegadeth so far.

When asked about things that he was working on Dave responded "“So, If I went chronologically down the list of everything that’s going on right now, we’re working on wrapping up the music, I’m working on a new band that Thrashville manages called Down to Ride. We’re working on their music and they’re still trying to decide if that’s the name they’re going to use or not and we are working on the Megacruise, we’re working on Kegadeth, which is a metal music and craft beer festival that we created based around the new beer."

He went on to say that between March and August there will be multiple kegadeth related events Including month long runs and even camping festivals. I mean I'm not the biggest Megadeth fan (Listened to them a pretty good amount in high school) But I'm down for anything that involves metal music camping and drinking. Mustaine also talks about a megadeth tor to support their 16th album But this is said to be completely different from the kegadeth touring festival. Damn so many years on the game and still busy as fuck. 2019 looks to be a huge year for them. Get that guap.

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