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Match Of The Week "January 8 2021" THE INDY MOVEMENT

Last week we shared one of my favorite matches from the late Brodie Lee (RIP) this week we felt like watching a while lit of IWA Midsouth and found a ridiculous match we think you will like. Two of the baddest men in the world of independent wrestling meet in the IWA back in 2005 as Low Ki went one on one with Necro Butcher which was just as hard hitting as you'd imagine.

Check it out


To absolutely no ones surprise this match started out with a bang. Just as the strangers still coming down from Low Ki entrance a fight breaks out it goes corner to corner.

The look of this match is essentially black belt vs drunk hobo king. As Low Ki lays in some serious kicks and chops throughout the whole match, Necro Butcher throws him around and throws wild punches some real Wayne of Letterkenny shit. Around the 8 minute mark of the match the agon starts to get back in the ring but arsons are also introduced. Who would've thunk it, right?

Around 16 minutes into the match underlying actual wrestling stats to happen. Grappling, submissions and an incredible double stomp is done through a table and it was downhill from there for Necro Butcher. Match was insane.

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