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Match Of The Week "January 29 2021" THE INDY MOVEMENT

Last week we shared a pretty funny and entertaining match from the Golden Age of independent wrestling between Generico and Delirious on IWA MS. This week though, Boy is this a treat! Two of my favourite Southern professional wrestlers going head to head in what was a great match. Fred Yehi faces Timmy Lou Retton from TPW.

Check it out


If you've ever seen a Timmy Lou Retton match you know just how crazy athletic he is And the fact that he is facing off against the innovative and vicious Fred Yehi. The match starts out with both men just feeling each other out getting used to each other styles but towards the middle of the match brutality ensues as Fred Roland Leslie puts in work on the back of Timmy. A few minutes later though things turn around as shops across the chest awaken something deep within Timmy and he just goes off. Overall this match is a very interesting in very entertaining match between 2 greats of the Southern independent wrestling scene. I definitely recommend.

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