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Match Of The Week "January 22 2021" THE INDY MOVEMENT

Last week we shared a Juan hell of an encounter between Lee Moriarty and Alex Shelley from absolute intense wrestling but this week we go back to IWA Mid South and visit one of my favourites from the promotion in El Generico vs Delirious from "We're No Joke" 2006.

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This match was amazing for multiple reasons first of all being the wrestling that occurred was very innovative and got the crowd extremely hyped, second of all it was 2 of the most charismatic independent wrestlers at the time facing off and third of all the comedy spots of the match were entertaining as hell. I recommend this match if you have a young child that you want to introduce to independent wrestling or if you just need a good laugh.

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El Generico vs Delirious

Iwa Midsouth

Independent Wrestling

Claudio Castagnoli

Chris hero

Mike Quackenbush

Larry Sweeny

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