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Match Of The Week "January 15 2021" THE INDY MOVEMENT

Last week we shared a classic from IWA Midsouth Put tomorrow night there is one hell of a event scheduled for impact wrestling So looking at the list of competitors in the main event we decided to use that as a basis for the matches we watched this week and I think we picked a good one for you. No matter how many great Alex Shelley matches I see I always end up coming back to Alex Shelley vs Lee Moriarty from AIW part of their 3 part series. So that's what i have for you today

Check it out


Everything from the strikes, to the transitions, to the submission holds, to the ring awareness. Everything was super crisp and clean. They had that crowd on the edge of their seat but what else would you expect from a man that's travelled the world and study more tape than possibly anybody and a man who humbly denies that he is one of the best technical wrestlers in the world. This was a little over 16 minutes worth of wrestling perfection

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