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Match Of The Week "December 25 2020" THE INDY MOVEMENT

Last week we brought it over to Australia for our match of the week and it was sick! I think this week we're going to mix it up a little bit once again dive into my favorite catagory and go for a great womens wrestling match. Let's go!

This weeks Match of the week goes to KANA (WWEs Asuka) vs Cheerleader Melissa from Shimmer back in 2014.

Check it out


I was watching a while bunch of joshi matches from places like Stardom, Ice Ribbon and Wave pro. Which turned into me watching a handful of KANA matches and just as I was about to close down the app I see "KANA vs Cheerleader Melissa" and you can't ignore that headline. So throughout the match KANA definitely showed why she was scouted by the "E" as she showed craftiness and more of a dangerous side to her than what you see nowadays. Cheerleader Melissa was just as impressive with axe kicks, brawling ringside and some disrespectful foot chokes. Overall this was a very enjoyable bout and a good match to show those people who think women's wrestling can't be intense or compelling. This, this is the one.

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