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Match Of The Week "December 18 2020" - THE INDY MOVEMENT

Last week we did our 1st match of the week and it was a hard hitting bout but were going to mix it up a little bit and go for a different type of match.

This weeks Match of the week goes to Slade Mercer vs Sydney Parker Cage Match from Battle Championship Wrestling in Australia.

Check Out This Match


I went down a rabbit hole all week trying to find a particular Syd Parker match and to no avail. What I did find are a handful full of matches that happened over the last 3 years I hadn't seen before so after watching like 6 matches from him this week I found this gem. This match had everything, high flying, blood, power moves, big fight feel, the selling in on point too. Most fans from THE INDY MOVEMENT may not know either competitor so hopefully this Match Of The Week shows you that they're are main event quality matches all around the world featuring men and women you didn't know existed. Please make sure to check out our and share with your friends.

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Syd Parker, Erika Reid, Slade Mercer, Battle Championship Wrestling, Melbourne City Wrestling,

Blue Haired Girl, The Jurassic Punk, Heavyweight title, Slex, Will Ospreay, Adam Brooks, Buddy Murphy

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