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Match Of The Week "December 11 2020" - THE INDY MOVEMENT

With renovating this website comes a few additions. Not only are we bringing in THE INDY MOVEMENT as partners but we are also starting match of the week.

Once a week we are going to post a match that we recently watched. It may not be recent and it may not feature people who are well known (so you may go into this blindly not knowing what to expect) but they will be matches that deserve to be checked out. Hope you watch along with us and share with your friends.

First match of the week goes to...

JAKE SOMETHING vs NICK GAGE from Black Label Pro back in October.

Check out the match


The match wastes no time getting rough as they immediately start brawling on the outside. Good opening round match huh? Once the in ring action actually took place Nick Gage showed that he is more than just weapons and brawling as he went toe to toe with the large Jake Something. The action spills to the outside a handful of times but if you followed these men's careers you know that was expected. It's hard hitting, it's wild and it was just the beginning to a great tournament. A few great spots in this match do check it out.


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@indymovement_ on Twitter


Jake Something, Nick Gage, Black Label Pro, Billie Starks, Warhorse, Gary Jay, Effy, Danhausen, Atticus Cogar

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