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Mason Metalfest: A Music fest started by a loving father for his son w/ Cerebral Palsy

2020 is already off to a great start with so many bands coming back and touring this year! As great as it is that bands, like My Chemical Romance, are back, I would honestly love to see more benefit concerts and festivals that support important causes and charities in 2020. Whether it be for the family of a fallen friend, autism awareness, cancer research or, one that's close to me personally, animal welfare. There are a million reasons to have a show or a festival that people can get behind. Plus, it’s a great way to have fun and enjoy music you love while helping out those in need! Our friends in the band Gravehuffer recently introduced us to a series of metal events known as, Mason Metalfest. It was started by a father from Minnesota, Richard Mcdeid. A metalhead himself, he has attended over 1000 metal shows with his son, Mason, who is affected by Cerebral Palsy. Mason is 23 years old and confined to a wheel chair due to his condition, but he doesn’t let that stop him. He is a recent college graduate and absolutely loves music. Richard created the festival in 2019, as a way for Mason to have employment in a field he enjoys, while being able to keep his benefits. Since the festival started, Mason has become not just a local celebrity, but a national one! “It’s hard to really know what Mr. Mason thinks, as he is non-verbal, but if I ask him if he wants to go and see music, he smiles,” Richard said. You can always find Mason at the front rail of the shows with a big smile on his face. Mason Metalfest takes place in March to coincide with Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month. Bands and fans from all over come to these shows to help support Mason and others living with special needs. The best part about the fest is that it takes place at multiple locations around the country on the same day. So whether you are in Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Indiana or Kentucky, you can party it up for a good cause under a great banner "Mason Metalfest"! Here is what MMF has lined up for this year:

Show flyers for this year: March 21st Des Moines IA W/ Calous, Tyrant Souls, Heir of Sorrow, Section Hate & more

March 21st in Turtle Creek PA W/ Axe Master, Storm Dragon, Leprosy, Iron Brigade, Entheogen, Dead Earth, Desolence, Suaka & more

March 21st in Swainsboro GA W/ Haymaker, Treachery, Driven Towards Chaos, Eddie And The Defiantz, Derpot & more

March 21st in Charleston SC W/ Stand Defiant, Lack ThereOf, Scars Remain, Black Market Currency, Sister August & more

March 21st in Muncie IN W/ Mask of Sanity, Cocaine Culture, Jonestown Massacre, IADTT & more

March 21st in New Haven IN W/ A Burden To Bear, Dammit Jeffrey, Severed Head Shop, Totally Orange Time Machine & more



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