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Jericho Possibly Joining IMPACT? Impact Star Talks Of The Rumors

Recently, Impact Wrestling star/fan favorite Petey Williams did an interview with the Wrestling Perspective podcast where he addressed rumors of Chris Jericho possibly joining IMPACT. He said "At this point I wouldn't be shocked because of everything you read. Canadian-based company, Don Callis, Scott D'Amore, I wouldn't be shocked. Before when he teased years ago coming in I would be like, 'Ah, that's not gonna happen', but now I wouldn't be as shocked. Jericho's doing his own thing, he's going off to New Japan and his cruise and all that kind of stuff. He doesn't really need WWE anymore. He's got his band, all that kind of stuff. So why not for him to have a little bit of fun? I've even heard him getting in his last run backstage he'd be be getting heat with somebody because politics, whatever the case may be. He's gonna come to IMPACT and there'd be none of that. But let me say this, I have no idea if he's coming. I figured those decisions will probably be held really close to Scott, Don, probably Sonjay and Jimmy. Those are probably the only four people that know if he comes. If he doesn't come in or if he comes. But they're not gonna spread that, they're not gonna let that leak out or whatever the case may be. And then the next question is what do they do? Who does he feud with? When does he come? How does he so it? All that kind of stuff which will probably be for future podcasts if he ends up coming to IMPACT."

The possibilities are insane: Jericho vs Aries, Jericho vs Cage, Jericho vs Sydal or even Jericho vs Jacobs. I'm excited to see if this rumor holds up especially with Impact being a partner on the Jericho cruise, its not unlikely. Definitely a game changer and a great way to get some eyes if all this does come to fruition. Only time will tell.

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