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Iron Gate "Throne Of The False God" EP Review

It's been a while since we've done one of these reviews for a local band, but when a new band sprouts up in the scene and they have as much hype behind them as Iron Gate does we know what we have to do!

This release features 6 songs, which in my personal opinion is perfect! Because I don't like albums that drag on for too long, and with me being a hardcore kid my whole life I do like things rather short and sweet. That's what we got.

I will say first before even listening to this release is that I know I'll like the music because I saw them play live at the Five Nine Underground in Litchfield, NH and was blown away at the heavyness of the sound, and how they owned the stage, but now I get to hear it in better quality. Let's go!

As soon as the guitars come in on the opening track, "Malevolent Spirit" you can actually picture a handful of folks stomping and pacing back and forth, ready to throwdown. Straight from the opening riff of this song, you can tell immediately that they are a well rounded band, as they are incorporating aspects of each guest feature on this album. I thought that the entire release was going to be way more hardcore forward than it was, because of the first track featuring Cam of Heavyweight, and that's a breath of fresh air in these times. Just Hardcore ass beating music accompanied by the occasional low or guttural.

When we get to the 2nd track "The Descent" we were met with a sort of Grind element to the track to play off the addition of Justin from Blood Tithe. This track wasted no time giving me stank face because at 50 seconds it went balls to the wall, and I haven't felt as hyped in years as the lyrics went "Remove the memory, involuntary lobotomy" I fought the urge to break furniture. This feeling didn't stop until the song did because that breakdown was fucking crushingly heavy. The heaviness continues through the 3rd track, but the 4th has to be my overall favorite.

The 4th track, "Omnicidal Thoughts", has a groovy and bouncy instrumental that at times gives you vibes of bands like The Ghost Inside Acacia Strain and even bands likeTony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza But once the breakdown hits all comparisons mean nothing, because its time to commit felonies! Legitimately, I listened to this song like six times and I screamed the lyric, "No sympathy, All Hate. Consumed by poison I curse your fucking name" so hard I lost my voice for a few hours. The most amped I've been during a track in YEARS. mosh retirement ender right there.

The last 2 songs of this release are very similar besides the slower parts in track 5, but the 6th and final track did more for me. From the great drumming in the intro, to the evil lyrics, the way breakdown gets transitioned into, the gutterals and even the way the EP ends the same way it started with the jingling of chains. This song had it all without being too busy.

While the opening track is my favorite style wise, due to what I usually listen to daily,  the 4th and 6th tracks have got to be the best on this release overall. If this is what Iron Gate puts out to introduce themselves to the world I can only image what's gonna happen what they do on the next release to remind people they are THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS!

Solid A for me on this EP. Perfect length, Enough diversity in the sound to make it a fun listen, and great voices for guests. Heavily recommended this EP. It does August 25th but you can take a peek for yourself of one of the songs off this EP to hold you over on No Echo site.

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