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Independent wrestler Smiley reveals who his dream partner would be

It's been 4 months since we've updated this stuff. Yikes sorry.

Smiley was a guest on the Uncutt Wrestling Podcast and towards the second half of the show they get into some fantasy booking. TJ asks the guest if there was any wrestler that you haven't tagged with on the independent scene that you could team with who would it be and he gave one of his dream partners that he been trying to work with for a while. And after a some brief contemplation he replies with "Delirious" . Delirious is the former booker and head man in charge of Ring Of Honor and has worked with Chikara, IWA Midsouth, PWX, CMLL and a very small run in TNA (the good Ole days)

That team would just be the embodiment of insanity and is definitely something the wrestling world needs. Especially with Delirious having more free time due to ROH under new ownership and both men floating around on the indies. It may be a dream booking but whether it's a match or a team, we can all dream right?

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