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"Incantation (2022)" Movie Review

So normally when it comes to horror movies I like to stay in the realm of 80s horror. That's my bread and butter. It's campy, usually has some comedic elements and practical effects, its great! but recently I've decided to try out some newer titles. So I browsed around Twitter and streaming services and found out about "INCANTATION"

Not only is Incantation a newer film (came out last year) but it's also a foreign film which besides Italian horror in the 80s I've never tried to watch. So with it being so different from my usual stuff and a killer plot I was interested yet skeptical. That is until I read reviews where people were asked "Will watching this movie curse me?" Bruh, let's get it. I'm already Cursed this will cancel it out like PEMDAS or something.

Let me tell you this movie does a great job at making you worry and creeping you out I think it has to do with how it doesn't feel like a regular homie movie due to the cellphone videos and camcorder shots. It gives a home movie vibe which I guess is something I'm into now cuz it was effective. Another thing this movie does well is building the lore saying the more you understand the more Cursed you become and then constantly explaining it more to you while encouraging you to chant along with them. "Hou-Ho-Xiu-Yi, Si-Sei-Wu-Ma".

In some roundabout way this was just a story about a mother with a troubled past trying to make her daughter's life better but there possessions and shit. The scene Netflix shows as the mini preview is good but it's the least stressful part of they would have shown something like the daughter getting lured off the balcony I think that conveys just how fucked this movie can be.

To some up this movie without giving it away: Creepy kids, pineapple, Dora the explorer learning style and mirrors. This was incredible and had deff gotten me intrigued to check out more new horror flicks. 4½ out of 5.

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