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If Just Plain Filthy put on a wrestling event what would be on it?

Last night when I was going through questions to answer on the Podcast one question in particular was asked that rose a lot of questions in my head "If you ran a JPF wrestling show, what would the main event be" To which my girlfriend and I both gave to headlining matches that we would like to have on a show but I got to thinking and If I were to book a whole entire wrestling event for just plain filthy what are a handful of matches that I would feature? So lets go down the list and talk about contenders and stipulations.

1. JPF Tag Title Match

Cogar Brothers vs House Of Wolves (Zack Monstar & Dravin Frost)

2. Fatal 4 way Match

Dirt Bag Dan vs Funnybone vs Brittany Wonder vs Dale Patricks

3. JPF Women's Title

Rosemary vs Amazing Kong vs Saraya Knight

4. Singles Match

Anthony Lee vs Josh Briggs

5. Tag Team Match

Psycho Drivers (Smiley & Everett Cross) vs Massage NV

6. JPF World Title (Lego Deathmatch)

Masada vs Matt Tremont vs Necrobutcher

What are your thoughts? Who would win? Let us know!


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