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Green Days Drummer Is In An Icelandic Deathmetal Band (Sort of)

Unless you have been living under a rock or you are Amish I am certain you know of Green Day. They "punk"band that has won many awards and have done pretty much everything over the last 20 years. Well almost everything, until now.

A member of Green Day has officially dabbled in metal. Drummer Tre Cool has recently come out and talked about his non Icelandic " Icelandic death metal" band named Dead Mermaids. Not only is it not Icelandic it's not even death metal though I will take this any day over the bullshit that Green Day has put out over the last decade, haha.

Dead mermaids is more like a punk bands with hardcore vocals and the occasional break down and metal moments. Think Gnarkill and CKY talking about being Icelandic, it gets weird. They have music on the Web with an album titled "You're Welcome" This release is littered with tracks that not serious and rather silly but god damn it it's entertaining.

Here a link:

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