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Germany's WXW To Partner With WWE?

Wrestling Observer and a few other sources habe been saying that German Indy promotion Westside Extreme Wrestling could now have a working agreement with WWE like the one Progress, ICW and Evolve have. Speaking of those UK and US promotions, PW Insider’s report on changes to WWE Network mentions Progress, ICW and Evolve’s tape libraries could be a part of a more expensive, possibly TV-14 rated tier which leads me to believe WXW could be added alongside them.

WXW is one of the most talked about independent promotions in the world. Home to the likes of Austrian mega-bruiser WALTER, Ilja Dragunov, John Klinger a b where we've picked up guys like Aleister Black, Alexander Wolf and NXT newcomer Marcel Barthell. It is best known for the annual 16 Carat Gold tournament, which has become a destination event for hundreds of European wrestling fans, and regularly highlights the global scene's brightest talent. Could we see an Influx of German talent making their way to the performance center? Will we get new additions to UK tournaments? Why am i asking you all these questions?

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