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Fear Factory is whole again after officially gaining a drummer.

After a handful of line up changes the last couple of years Fear Factory might finally be a full band again after Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares recently confirmed on Twitter that Colorado based metal band Havok's Pete Webber is the new full-time drummer for the band. In a recent reply to a fan asking if Webber was in the band full-time, Cazares replied to the question with a new band press shot of the members together.

So with Dead Channels Milo Silvestro as new vocalist and Havoks Pete Webber as the new drummer it looks as if for the first time in about 3 years the band is actually complete. Can't wait to hear how they gel together for new material. Whenever if ever. Live videos usually are bad quality so I'm gonna be waiting for a bit but if any official videos drop from this Mexico / South America tour they are currently on I will probably peep it.





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