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El Desperado's Mystery Partner Has Been Revealed

In a video posted to the NJPW World YouTube page and NJPW's social media accounts,  Desperado was on the hunt to find a partner to team with him against Moxley & Homicide on night one of Independence Day on July 4 at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo. You would think that NJPW would have everything Desperado was looking for in a partner but no he needed someone violent with a proven track record to face these two hardcore badass. Well his partner is none other than "Crazy Monkey" Jun Kasai.

Since 1998 Jun Kasai has been working the Japanese wrestling scene with his social band of ultraviolence. Facing off against men such as Masada, Violent Jack, Ryuji Ito and Nick fuckin Gage.  He's held gold in All Japan,  Combat Zone Wrestling,  DDT pro, Freedoms, Ice Ribbon (as a tag team) and even Wrestle 1. What a great choice to have as your partner.

Check out his matches:

You can find out socials here


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