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Edge Injured At BACKLASH. Said To Be Out For Months

In what was self proclaimed as the "Greatest wrestling match ever" Edge and Randy Orton showed the current WWE viewers that occasionally the product can have good matches without the need of a gimmick or anything crazy ( We talk about that a little bit on the Podcast. Check it out HERE ) Edge delivered one hell of a performance during the 45 minutes they had to live up to the title of the match and they came very close. It was definitely the best WRESTLING match in recent memory. The selling was great, the moves/ counters were good, even other wrestlers finishers were used to further the story. At the end we saw the conclusion and return of the Punt kick for the 3 count. I'm pretty sure it's just for this match.

Reportedly due to billing this match as the greatest wrestling match ever a handful of retaping had to be done throughout the match in order to make the writers and agents in the back pleased. Well, upon the last pieces of reshooting edge tore his tricep and is said to be out for 5 months possibly more. Huge bummer as he just came back from retirement. I hope for a speedy recovery and a strong comeback but at this point edge seems to have glass bones and paper skin.


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