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Die Young "The God For Which We Suffer" Review

Now lets get this out of the way, i have never listened to Die Young before after searching for recent metal and hardcore releases the name came up and i felt compelled to listen. January 2018 just a few weks ago they released an EP titles "The God For Which We Suffer" and when i tell you its 12 minutes of straight fire you best believe it.

Track one "Seasons of Grief" was a near perfect blend of Metal and Hardcore. Vocalist comes in with a unique style meshing punk shouts with sort of a raspy scream and instrumentals similar to early Killswitch Engage with all the riffs and even a guitar solo. This was a great way to open an EP and a great way to get me hooked as a first time listener.

Track two "Invitation to burn" was a bit more chaotic in the opening but the drums were emaculate through the entire track. this track had way more breakdowns than the first i feel easily their heaviest track of the three. sorta giving a feel that the storm is passing as this song is insane then leads into a 40 second span between track two and three of mellowed guitar work. No breakdowns, nothing crazy, just rather calming instrumentals.

Track three the storm is back and "The God For Which We Suffer" begins after a brief build up the heavyness is back with slamming drums and shouted vocals before changing yet again into a fast circle pit fiesta. the confusing thing is that after another 30 seconds or so the tempo and groove change yet again. in what is a 6 minute track the song drastically changed 4 times in under 2 minutes and it doesnt stop there. Everything the band did in the final track was very well done but the constantly changing really put a damper on this. it was like a nice beatiful hike to the the top of a mountain(EP) and the pay off is an elevator to bring you right back down.

Overall decent album, if they would have kept to maybe 3 shifts the whole last track i would have said this was amazing but i do reccomend this for any fan of : Trial, Bitter End or All Out War

listen here:

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