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Did we just see TNA footage on WWE programming?!

The WWE 2018 Hall of Fame ceremony was tonight and as feels tugging as it was the BIG story coming out of it was the video package of upcoming network programing that will be released in the upcoming months. As much as WWE Ride along and WWE 24 entertain me, there was one thing that caught my eye in particular. A quick cut of Jeff Hardy saying something along the lines of "It was the darkest day of my career" followed by a quick cut of footage of Hardy nestled against the bottom turnbuckle during the TNA Victory Road 2011 pay-per-view.

This could mean nothing. However given that Jeff Jarrett is the guest of honor at tonight's Hall of Fame ceremony this could mean a fair amount of things. We have yet to have been told of how much of TNA's library Double J has a stake in. Meaning that the majority of the company's library could be in the hands of the WWE.

More on this as it develops.

- Casey

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