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Daring Foods Could Be In 1000 Locations By Years End

Glasgow-based Daring Foods say the deal means its plant-based meat alternative products could be served at 1,000 locations via the foodservice industry by the end of the year

A Scottish company making vegan meat alternatives has signed a major distribution deal with Lomond Foods - meaning its products will be available at 300 locations by March, WHICH IS HUGE! The company is Daring Foods, and was founded by Ross Mackay and Eliott Kessas, they make products which are vegan and palm oil-free, including the Moo-Free Burger and Cluck-Free Fried burger, essentially regular burger and a chicken patty. Could Boca have some competition? Mackay and Kessas want to expand their products reach in the food service industry to be available at 1,000 locations by the end of 2019. In addition, they claim Daring Food is close to securing a deal with a major supermarket.

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