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Danzig made a vampire western? Yup

So this has to be the strangest yet oddly exciting thing that I have read about in the last couple weeks. There is a new movie on the horizon. Recently the first trailer for Glenn Danzig's upcoming homage to westerns and classic vampire films has been floating around, "Death Rider In The House Of Vampires", we'll link it below. Word on the street is its the follow up to his "Verotika" film which was his directorial debut, which came out in in June.


"Death Rider In The House Of Vampires" is written and directed by Danzig, with him also acting as the executive producer and onscreen vampire. He wears many hats. The cinematography is by Danzig and Pedja Radenkovic. The film follows the Death Rider, who travels to the desert Vampire Sanctuary which is ruled by Count Holliday. The cost? One virgin. (Should have just asked for a bitch that knows what she's doing. Would have more fun).

According to IMDB for "Death Rider In The House Of Vampires" this movie stars Devon Sawa as the Death Rider, Julian Sands as Count Holliday and Kim Director as Carmilla Joe. Joining them are Eli Roth as Drac Cassidy, Ashley Wisdom as Mina Belle, Victor DiMattia as Kid Vlad, Danny Trejo as Bela Latigo, and Danzig himself as the vampire gunslinger Bad Bathory. Interesting line up




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