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Chelsea Green VS Laurel Van Ness, What?

So.... Black Label Pro, a promotion based in Indiana has come up wit the concept of having IMPACT star Laurel Van Ness and the person who portrays this persona, Chelsea Green. According to them, this match was very difficult to lock down, but they made it happen! Im sure paperwork, had to work out scheduling between both competitors (Sarcasm) and a few other factors.

Okay lets run this down, If you are a Impact Wrestling fan, you definitely know Laurel Van Ness. She plays a deranged bride who was abandoned at the altar by Braxton Sutter and just kept getting crazier with every single passing week. Smeared lipstick, still rocking her wedding dress, crazy looks. to be fair she nailed this gimmick. Her normal schtick in wrestling is a far from this as she is a serious athlete. Working all over the indies and even in Stardom in Japan where she was a top contender for a bit. the contrast is pretty large.

Some of you creepy WWE fans may even know her as the girlfriend of WWE superstar Zack Ryder but she also appeared on Tough Enough and as the Physical therapist/mistress of Daniel Bryan.

This could be a great spectacle to get people viewing Black Label Pro since were in a time when there's such a monopoly in the wrestling world, such unique matches are a surefire way to get your product out there. It'll take some really good booking to make it stand out and not just be another Joey Janela vs The Invisible Man. Either way we will be on the lookout for this, no doubt about it.

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