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CABAL "Exsanguination" Music Video Review

So this morning Copenhagen based deathcore band CABAL dropped another new music video and i was ecstatic. The last one they dropped I'll go out and say is my favorite new deathcore track in recent memory (yes better than "Into the Hellfire" by Lorna Shore. So as excited as I was I had some questions going into this. First off, i wondered "Is there a running story that's gonna connect this with the other video?" and most importantly "Can they keep up the momentum with this new song"

Right off the bat the song was very upbeat in tempo and the music video was very much inspired by the theme of the movie Midsommar. Ladies in white dresses, flowers, open fields, all that jazz. The video itself doesn't really start matching the tone of the song until more than halfway through but the song itself is incredible. It is literally the soundtrack to a circle pit. Which is kind of funny because in the video ladies are skipping circles around somebody who is mortified and not pleased. So sort of a circle pit in a way.

The guitars are fast, the drums could make your grandmother two step and the vocals are intense. Further proving why Andreas is my favorite vocalist in metal right now. The video gets angrier and more evil as you get to the ending which accompanies the breakdown perfectly because HOLY FUCK was that hard. Night approaches, the only light is fire, the women have become evil, blood has been shed and breakdown just beats your ass. Went from running in circles at a show to committing a crime in a little over 3 minutes. I love it.

Shout out to the Cold North Creative for yet another incredible video and the band for keeping these bangers coming. Once the album drops I know it will be on repeat.

If I were to rate this using a grading system I think I'd give it an "A-" because the song was great but the video didn't really do it for me until the end but at the end it was prefect. Still a solid AF package they put out. Hell yeah

- TJ

Check out the video for yourself:

Check them out on their websites:

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