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Bad Ass North East Shows (June 2022 Events)

Updated: May 21, 2022

Here in the north east, the summer is when it all goes down. The weather warms, parties are thrown, tours roll in, it's a good time. There are lots of shows of various genres & styles going down all over the northeast this summer so we want to try and showcase some of them we think you'd be interested in. Take a look:




June 2nd @ Ralphs Diner in Worcester, MA 21+ $12

Bleach Temple, Snake Charmer, Hard Target, Hangdog and more

June 3rd @ United States Unitary in Milford, NH Free

Kill Murray, Charlisoul, OB Wan, Grizz and Domination J

June 4th @ Sammy's Patio in Revere, MA 18+ $15

My Missing Half, Epicenter, No Eye Has Seen and As Within So Without

June 5th @ Eagles Club in Gardner, MA $10

No Eye Has Seen, Late 9, Creation From Crisis, Hidden Figures, Last Sight &

June 10th @ Thirsty First in Lowell, MA Free

Lenny Lashley Gang of One, Stereo Vulture, D Tensions Secret Band and DNZL

June 10th @ Jewel in Manchester, NH $15

Abiotic and Burial In The Sky (More TBA)

June 10th @ Eagles Club in Gardner, MA. $10

Barbarian, Fallen Monarch, Bleach Temple & Monstrous

June 10th @ Cherry St Station in Wallingford, CT 21+ $10

Black Palm, False Gods, Cazador, When The Deadbolt Breaks, Burning Books

June 11th Hotel Vernon in Worcester, MA 21+ $10

Black Palm, False Gods, Cazador, When The Deadbolt Breaks and I Know A Ghost

June 12th @ The Kingsland in Brooklyn, NY $12

Black Palm, Cazador, False Gods, When The Deadbolt Breaks and The Great Lie

June 12th @ Sportsman Cafe in Allentown, PA $10

Monochromatic Black, Until The Dead Walk, Autumn Lies, Kissing Candice, Oakheart & more

June 17th @ Jewel in Manchester, NH $15

Trading Tombstones, Arcantica and Empty Halls

June 17th @ Brooklyn Monarch in Brooklyn. NY $50 this night $75 for both nights

Darkness (GER), Aggression(CAN), Deceased, Bat, Overdose & much more

June 18th @ Brooklyn Monarch in Brooklyn. NY $50 this night $75 for both nights

Cenotaph, Caligula, NunSlaughter, Blood Feast, Impaler, Savage Master & much more

June 18th @ Focal in Pawtucket, RI

Wretched Inferno, Inexorable Flesh, Blemish, Tar and Bestial Tongues

June 25th @ 59 Talent Rd Litchfield, NH 21+ $10

Graveborn, Cytokine, Tactiles. Fabricator, Lanterns Last Light, Doomsayer + lots of vendors

June 26th @ Geraldines in Chicopee, MA 21+ $10

The Last King, Voluntary Victim, Choked Out, I Know A Ghost, Silence Equals Death

We will be trying to do this every month going forward. Submit your flyers by hitting us up on our email or any of our socials

Find our socials here:

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