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Any Plans New Years Eve? Watch This!

The past year there hasn't been many promotions running and for good reason but the promotions that didn't take the time off and are making sure to abide by regulations have been putting insanely good shows. The work horses of the independent wrestling scene have been out and full force in their respective area and sometimes even traveling across the country, getting tested, taking precautions putting on a performance of a life time and heading back home to the next show. Which is crazy! Good on them!

New Years Eve the workhorses are out in full effect as Game Changer Wrestling puts on "Good Riddance" about 8 matches that are sure to be wild, hard hitting and at times even bloody. You may not know all of the competitors if you're not keeping up with the scene regulary but guaranteed you will have some OMG moments. CHECK OUT THIS FUCKIN CARD!

And the 2 matches with no graphic found are:

-Joshua Bishop & Matthew Justice vs IRONBEAST

-G-Raver vs Jimmy Lloyd in an I Quit Match

This event can be bought on day of the show. Buy it and please support independent wrestling.

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