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AEW / NJPW "Forbidden Door 2" Thoughts

Preshow: Once the pre show matches started to get announced I was already very excited. It's awkward when your show is so stacked that the show before the show is almost better than most promotions main card. Wild. 3 of the matches didn't exactly live up to the hype. Either it could was too busy and it of control or they were essentially squash matches but the match that dubbed during "Zero Hour" was the Trios match between United Empire and Los Ingobernables that match had great Tag action,  moments where everyone shined and at times it almost made me yelp either with excitement or concern.

As far as the main card goes in not gonna do this in order im gonna do this in order of how much I enjoyed them essentially going Worst to Best.  Let's fucking go.

9. Toni Storm vs Willow Nightingale.

On paper I was excited for this because I'm a big Willow fan but for some reason or another I haven't really given a shit about Toni Storm in multiple years. I'm not gonna say it was a bad match cuz there was no BAD match but it was deff uneventful. Both chicks had good spots at times and sold well but honestly nothing happened it was the same as their other 2 or 3 matches just with more people in the crowd.  I kinda wish Willow got the win cuz neither title were on the line but I get it. Wasnt bad just less good.

8. MJF vs Hiroshi Tanahashi.

It hurts my soul to say I didn't care for an AEW championship match at a huge event like this but I didn't.  I knew what was going to happen as soon as it was announced and I want impressed while I was watching it unfold. Tanahashi has not been looking clean in the ring the last year or so. He's not as agile with the move set, lacks balance on the ropes the only thing saving this match due me was the squeaky clean babyface vs asshole heel champion dynamic. MJF pulled out all the stops. Custom robe, custom gear, the trash talk, the finish. We all knew what was gonna happen right? RIGHT?

7. Jericho, Guevara & Suzuki vs Sting, Darby & Naito.

Started off kinda funny with Baito taking forever to take off his 3 layers of gear and Jericho telling him to do faster and getting all pissed. For the most part this match played it safe.  Regular wrestling spots, lots of little moments to pop the crowd nothing special. Darby hits the ropes and whipping into Suzuki like a madman was fun and Guevara hitting a beautiful 630 senton on the 64 year old Sting through a table was wild and then Suzuki being the one to eat the pin was wierd. Solid match this was deff booked before the main event to calm ppl down and be a bathroom break but it was a solid watch that if you missed it you should deff roll it back.

6. SANADA vs Jack Perry.

 While the intrigue was real when at 1st got announced Sanada had an open challenge. This could go amazing but then jungle boy Jack Perry accepted the challenge and it seemed very underwhelming but the thing about Jack Perry is you might not want. To see the match on paper but the match is always going to be good. And this was no exception because the match was very good. Jack Perry brought it to Sanada with so many hard hitting moves and reversals having him very well scouted. The commentary team kept playing it up as Jack Perry was studying tape before this and that might be true it definitely showed in this match. Sanada pulled out so many references to The Great Muta and even dishes done if Jungle Boys offense back at him. At the end Sanada picked up the win with a Muta-esque Moonsault for the pin. Before the segment was completely done Jack looked distraught and Hook (who came out to the ring with him earlier) tries to help him out of the ring and head back up the ramp. BUT Jack Perry distanced himself and attacked his partner. The crowd hated him and Jack left through the heel tunnel entrance. I CALLED IT!

5. The Elite, Kingston & Ishii vs The BCC with Takeshita & Shota Umino

This match was so good and honestly the only grievance that I have is Wheeler went missing for most of it had no idea what happened. The elite had a very good onslaught of offense. Eddie Kingston beefing with everyone even having a 5 min chop war with Jon Moxley. Takeshita was honestly the star in this match.  He took out most of them with strikes, showed off strength, agility and great team work with partner Shooter who looked like they've been teaming for years. Shout to Ishii for getting the pin I didn't see that coming.

4. CM Punk vs Satoshi Kojima.

Like both things the Internet wrestling community complained when this match was announced because everybody and their mother seemingly wanted CM Punk versus Kenta. I was more excited when that match got scrapped and this match was announced because you're essentially going to get CM Punk versus CM Punk. Almost the same exact move set but now you get a Japanese allstar, the first ever IWGP Heavyweight chamion and triple crown winner Satoshi Kojima, which I am a huge fan of. I knew the match was going to be solid but this match was way better than I anticipated. Both men put it all out there. Punk was deff the heel in this match ring to get the crowd angry but Kojima hit him with like 75 chops rapid fire and a elbow drop to the dick. I loved it. Punk finished the match with a beautiful executed and beautifully sold GTS and got the 123. One of the better matches of the night.

Okay time for a heart take please don't be mad at me.

3. Okada vs Bryan Danielson.

This match was very very good and definitely lived up to the hype. Both men got to get their shit in and hit all the fan favorites. They played off with each other very well and the crowd was excited. Though this was the main event they probably lost their voices a little bit because of the match that happened to matches prior. Octa hits so many different drop kicks and all of them were perfectly executed. You would have thought you're watching a Maven match. At some point during this match it becomes very apparent that Danielson has injured his arm now given that the match went as good as it could have with this injury. I feel like if the crowd was a little hotter and wasn't so burnt out because of the long night. They could have soaked in the Cheers a little more and better pace themselves really milking all that to help Bryan fight through his injury. Overall solid match , I'm not too keen on the whole. Danielson convulsion on the ground bit should play around with that kind of stuff especially when he has brain injuries. But Bryan pulled it out and became the winner tapping out Okada what a finish.

2. Orange Cassidy vs Shibata vs Zack Sabre Jr vs Daniel Garcia

I loved everything about this match. The pushing was great.  The constant one up manship from Sabre & Shibata, Orange Cassidy playing through the pain and injuries to put on classics yet again,  Daniel Garcia being a menace but not only hitting some great moves but dancing through the pain while Sabre & Shibata layed in like 20 strikes. Might be my new fav taunt. Shades of Alex Wright. Zack Sabre junior though he did not win he stole this match with crazy submissions and transitions. But Cassidy find a way and picked up the win and thus continuing this great title run he is having And now I guess we have a 3 way that's being talked about for the Wembly show so I'm excited. I do want more Daniel Garcia though but I'll take this 3 way.

And if there was any doubt,  the match of the night

1. Will Ospreay vs Kenny Omega.

The first match of theirs at this year's wrestle kingdom was a match of the year contender and this match had more to it in my opinion. They were still telling their story from before, add Don Callis add Ospreay hating Canada this had more hype. There's two things that I would change about this match and not of them are really deal breaking either because I would still think this match is incredible. Number one I would have ended this match on that beautiful tiger. Driver? Ninety one that landed kenny on the back of his head there was too good of a spot to not finish the match. But I understand you know you gotta play all your hits and get those moves in. And number 2. I would have cooled a little bit on those false finishes. Give me 3 falsified and a real pin Bing Bang boom. But classic big AEW NJPW style match is expected. Great storytelling with injuries and hurt body parts. Great job at getting heat by Ospreay by using the Canadian flag and on the coin great job at getting the face pop by Kenny for using the flag afterwards. Went a little long time wise but that kinda goes back to my guest 2 points. They covered so much in this match and everything was hit very well. Easily beat match.  Also WTF were the point of the gaurds?

Overall I give this event a solid A or like ****½ or of 5

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