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3 Upcoming Tours You Should Hit Up

So over the last year or so, we saw a big boom in giant tour packages, some would even call dream tour packages. The live music scene was spoiled in 2023 so far with bands coming back, With a handful of stacked festivals, And lesser-known bands blowing up and becoming the next big thing. Well, the tail end of 2023 has a couple more dope tours to throw your way and we are excited to show you them.

We will try to provide ticket links, if we find them.

Let's go!

[ September 7th - October 5th]

Legendary band CROWBAR goes on tour once again and this time they are taking Primitive Man, a death metal/sludge band out of Denver and Body Box , a hard hitting Deathmetal based out of Florida. I have a feeling this is going to be the loudest tours to happen this year. Deff gonna be a fun one though.

Tickets for Local stops (NH) and (MA)

[October 26th - November 18th]

Relapse records and Metal Blade records team team up to give you the double headlining tour for Full Of Hell and END and if that's not good enough they taking Inter Arma, a Black Metal/ Doom band out of Richmond VA and also taking one of my ordinal favorites WAKE, an evil Grindcore band out of Alberta, CAN. If you are going for just the headliners then you will leave as fans of the openers guaranteed.

Tickets for the Local stop

[ October 20th - December 2nd]

Sharp Tone records presents "Come and be killed" featuring 2 heavy hitters at the top of the bill one being the hard as fuck band Dying Wish from Portland and the other being one of my personal favorite Metal bands the lyrically intense Boundaries from Connecticut. That's not all though because the support also goes H.A.M with openers Omerta, Gates To Hell and Foreign Hands. Not a tour you want to miss.

Tickets for the Local stop

And make sure you keep your eyes out for great local showcases in your area. Too many great local shows happening all over the place. Any one of those bands could be the next Sleep Token or something support them before that time.

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