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3 Hardcore Shows You Should Deff Try To Attend

So since the nearly 2 year long dark period the live music industry had during the pandemic took place concerts of all kinds have come back and in full force. National shows, Local shows, Rap shows, Metal shows and now more recently Hardcore shows. During all of 2022 it was an "Now that's a lineup!" Reaction to just about every other show or tour announcement that was put out and now in February of 2023 it seems we're already giving last year a run for its money. Dream tour lineups, New venues wanting to start off hit and bands coming back into the gold of things after lengthy hiatus (See You Next Tuesday & City Of Caterpillar) but over the last month I've seen some ridiculous shows announced all over the US that I feel are a MUST ATTEND for our Hardcore fans so that's the topic for today.

April 1st in Greensboro, NC @ Hangar1819

This show is worth it just for the headliners but the whole bill is totally worth the $60 (that's including fees) due to the addition of unsigned or local groups that are insanely good live and fit the vibe. Its an all day event starting around Noon EST so you're not getting robbed financially. Check the bill: Madball, Pain Of Truth, All Out War, Advent, D Bloc and Invoke w/ Risk, Stand Still, Contention, Raw Life & more

May 20th in Kenilworth, NJ at the Kenilworth VFW

Newschool hardcore in full force at this one. $30 is steep for a regular show in the hardcore scene but this stacked line up is deff giving you bang for your buck. NY madmen Mindforce are ripping it up with Bulldoze, Pain Of Truth, Gridiron and Never Ending Game alongside Shackled, Missing Link, Fools Game, Negative Force and Hold My Own . If you're an oldhead and you want to try new bands this is the one for you.

June 17th & 18th in Boston, MA at Roadrunner

Oldschool meets Newschools as 2 works collide for this badass event. Just under $40 is honestly so dope for this lineup. And due to tickets selling fast they added a second show the day after. BANE comes back together again in Boston along with hardcore greats Colin Of Arabia, The Suicide File, Modern Life Is War, Sitck To Your Guns and Bracewar. Simply incredible.

So if you have the means to go, are willing to travel and are lucky enough to get tickets to these great events you should deff pull the trigger and heads out to one because these are insane.

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