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10 Independent Wrestlers you should be on the look out for in 2018

Now we know the independent scene is a fucking ocean filled with some big fish names like Matt Cross, Zack Zabre Jr and Jeff Cobb are at the top of their game having matches that could be MOTYC but we've been looking at whole lot of promotions from all over the world and a couple of the lesser know talents are ready to blow up and become the next Cross, Sabre, Cobb, etc. We felt we should shed some light on a few of these names so you can see some quality matches as they continue to reach stardom. Lets get started

10. Delilah Doom -

Delilah Doom made her debut in professional wrestling in 2014 the first couple years were rough and she was relatively unknown. But the last year or so she has really come into her own winning titles and matches and companies like Inspire Pro, Shimmer, AAW and sabotage wrestling. Whether it's solo, teaming with her friend Leva Bates, her fiance Eli everfly or working with her Twin Dragon Championship partner Davey Vega Hell, she currently holds four titles today. With a unique look, great moveset and awesome attitude we feel Delilah Doom can go nowhere but up in her independent wrestling career and she will definitely be catching eyes in bigger promotions by the end of the year. Be on the lookout.

9. Primate -

"Primate" Jason Prime is a LETHAL opponent. At only 5'11 and a little over 200 lbs, what he lacks in size he more than makes up for in raw strength and intensity. Hailing from Newcastle, United Kingdom Primate was trained by UK veteran Rampage and debuted in 2014 and since then he has cut a war path through the UK wrestling scene and has made a name for himself by going to war with Jimmy Havok, Joey Ryan and Rampage himself on quite a few occasions. He is the current MEW Heavyweight champion as well as Defint Hardcore champion. So who knows what the rest of the year will bring. Definitely one to watch out for in 2018.

8. Markus Burke -

Markus Burke, though still rather unknown to many in the states he is a force to behold up in the Canadian independent scene. Previously holding the NSPW TV Titlee, UCW Heavyweight Title and has recently traveled to some other countries even winning the WWP title in South Africa. Though many consider him a heel due to his outspoken approach to his alternative Vegan lifestyle recently it seems many fans are starting to love him. Burke has proven to be not only a versatile character but a well rounded competitor dishing out punishment is hardcore matches, stretching folks out and throwing some impressive strikes. Recently Burke has had some great matches with the newly released Jack Swagger, Alberto El Patron and many of the upcoming talents on the canadian scene. We feel Marcus could start branching out become a big name in the US scene this year, so look out.

7. Jonah Rock-

Like a dormant volcano Jonah Rock flew under the radar for most of the wrestling world (everywhere except Australia) and after years building himself up, making a name and dominating Jonah Rock had the the honor of debuting for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla in 2017. US fans were exposed to "The King Of Monsters" and they quickly found out who he was. Now we dont believe this was a one or even a two time thing. He made an impact and it would foolish not to bring the big guy back in. His innovative offense, the strength and reaction he got cannot go unnoticed. He returned back to Australia after his debut in the states and racked up a few big victories over Alan Payne and Zack Sabre Jr. we expect him to be back in the states rather soon and hopefully other promotions around the world will pick up him as well. He truly is a hidden gem.

6. Gabriel Kidd -

Gabriel is a tough kid from Nottingham England. At only 20 years of age he started his pro-wrestling Journey between not too long ago he started his in ring career in mid 2013 and was being by Styxx and UK veteran Joeseph Conners. Working a fast paced yet surprisingly technical style Kidd has kept up with the likes of Will Osprey, Zack Sabre Jr. And Marty Scrull. A highlight of his career is a year long losing streak that culminated in him winning the WCPW Internet Championship from American Nightmare Cody Rhodes. He is the current kamikaze pro Relentless champion and at such a young agae theres plenty more left for him to achieve, we feel he'll do great this year.

5. The Carnies-

These dudes have come along way from the days of A boy and his dog gimmick years ago. More people brought in, many more classics have been had but in our opinnion the most important thing is that a meanstreak has been created. The more aggressive Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful have become a dangerous duo. Time has helped them become more cohesive, Their style becoming more focused and the addition of Tripp Cassidy doesnt hurt either. There will always be fans of Team IOU/Carnies but but this new attitude has definately brought them success in the last few years, Tripp and Iggy have even got themselves the AWE Tag Titles last year That shows that not only is the core team of Iggy & Awful cohesive but the the 3 of them together are a well oiled machine. We expect big things in the near future for these men.

4. Eli Everfly

Eli Everfly started his in ring career in 2013 and became someone who's been on our radar for a few years now, ever since he graduated from Santino Brothers Wrestling Academy. We've been saying he is destined for great things and so far he has not let us down. Forever improving, he has won the Santino Bros Submission Championship, which put him on the path for success. He has put on classics with rival Douglas James. Great matches with men like Teddy Hart, Darby Allin, and Erik Watts. In the last year, he has conquered the California scene, became FIRST Champion and came to the East Coast where he won the Extreme Championship at Game Changer Wrestling. All of 2017, and 2018 thus far, has proven what a player Eli Everfly truly is. Whether it's crazy hardcore matches or high-flying spectacles tag-teaming with his fiance, there are few things this man can't do. Don't let his size fool you, "The Fly" is the next big thing.

3. Joe Coffey -

Joe Coffey is legit, The Iron Man of the UK wrestling scene. Though not the biggest he has proved hes a true player in the UK Wrestling circuit. Debuting in 2009, Coffey has done it all in terms of the indies. From ICW to WCPW (now Defiant) to a short stint in Japan. Which shouldnt be a surprise since he was trained by former NWA UK champion PJ Murphy. It seems whereever Coffey goes he finds gold. Holding the ICW Zero G and World Heavywieght Championship, the Iron Man has made his mark against the Likes of Joe Hendry, Big Damo and Drew Galloway. While I'm sure he's far from done in the Indies as he currently holds the NWA Scottish Heavyweight Title and the Y Division title in Discovery Wrestling don't be surprised to see him pop up on NXT in a few years. He deserves it.

2. Joey Janela-

If you think independent wrestling on the east coast one name sure to pop up is Joey Janela. Hes been at this for a while and is never anyhting less than entertaining. Whether its Zebra kid Joey Janela, Starman or the Bad Boy youre in for a treat. Every year Janela seems to step his game up just a little bit more, whether its facing unlikely opponents from wrestlings past, starting great feuds like the one with Maxwell Jacob Friedman or even legendary matches at events such as "Joey Janelas Spring Break" where this year all eyes are on him as he faces The Great Sasuke. If Janela even seem to go stagnant he finds a way to get people to talk so we can only imagine how he is going to top the last few years. Whether he stays where hes at, whether he branches out in the states or Whether he ventures out to new promotions around the world, you know its gonna be good. Were sure looking forward to it.

1. Josh Briggs -

Now, Were not trying to pick favorites here. Hear us out. With how good Josh Briggs has shown he is in 2017 it would be hard to believe that he is a pro of only 2 years. Yes, thats right only 2 years in the biz. Now within those 2 years hes made out it out of the training center, conquered New England and New Jersey, formed stables feuded with Christian Casanova, Donovan Dijak and even won a fucking title. Now with only 2 months into the new year hes also spread into Philedelphia, debuted for 2 companies in Canada and managed to keep that title. Briggs is 6 foot 8 and roughly 270lbs its easy to see who the next big man in pro wrestling is going to be. With an intimidating look, Power, Speed and a whole carreer ahead of him, Josh Briggs is a machine to be wrecking with. 2018 is bound to be his, be on the look out.

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