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A little bit about filthy animals, If you know the just plain filthy crew on a personal level then you know 3 out of the 4 people involved are very passionate animal rights supporters as well as vegans. Over the last year we have had a few concept designs as far as T shirts go promoting our believes but were hesitant to put them up on the store for risk of making people feel unwanted or alienated vecause we know most of our clientele are not vegans or things such as. So we decided to make an offshoot brand of just plain filthy strictly for those who are vegan or looking to support animal rights like we are and we've been working on branding it as the vegan alternative to just plain filthy so that people know exactly what they're getting themselves in for when they find us. We have our own big cartel store with 3 T shirts currently available with a worldwide shipping, We have an Instagram account Which promotes the vegan lifestyle and posts informational pics as well as merchandise pictures. If you would like to support us please pick up a T-shirt share our social media accounts or alley is just give us a like and help us get our name out there. Thank you.